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  • (2015— ) BA in English Studies: Theoretical and Applied Linguistics track (University of Cyprus)
  • (2016—2017) Neuropsychology Training Placement: Skills acquired included operating EEG equipment and on-line EEG software, administrating language-related neuropsychological tests (Center of Applied Neuroscience, UCY)


Non-peer reviewed

  • Karayiannis, D. (2016, October). Are sign languages real languages? Entropia Magazine, (09), 16–16. [Full Text]


  • Karayiannis, D. (2018, August) Root Visibility Across Cyclic Domains: Indications from Modern Greek. Presented at the Open Podium session of the 25th Eastern Generative Grammar summer school, University of Banja Luka.
  • Τα ριάλια ριάγια: περηφάνια και προκατάληψη. (2017, November 3). Usus norma loquendi. MYCY Radio. [Recording]
  • Karayiannis, D., & Pingouras, A. (2017, April). Τα /ɾiˈaʝːa/, /ɾiˈaʎːa/? Aspects of Yeísmo in Cyprus. Presented at the 1st Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference, University of Cyprus. [Presentation]


  • cma-keyboard: GNU/Linux keyboard for Cypriot Maronite Arabic (Sanna)
  • cgr-keyboard: GNU/Linux keyboard for Cypriot Greek academic/literary typographical styles
  • a script to autofix mis-encoded audio metadata


  • (2018) Conference Organisation: Conference Organiser, 2nd International Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference, Nicosia.
  • (2017) Conference Organisation: Conference Organiser, 1st Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference, Nicosia.
  • (2016) Magazine Editor: Entropia Magazine Issue 9: Languages and Education, Nicosia.