My preferred mode of communication is email. You can email the user

I encourage you to use GPG/OpenPGP email encryption.

GPG Public Key

My GPG fingerprint is 5A75 5D92 6FC5 EC5E 57C8 F098 EDE9 F17B C29F 08D3 (expires: 2021-02-17).

Click here to download my public key

Previous key: 4C93 34FA 925F DBC2 B12F DE7D D2A8 B8CB D5F4 1DD1 (expired: 2018-01-25).

Email etiquette

Please do not send me emails containing HTML (“Rich Text”), and only attach files if absolutely necessary and avoid any file-types that are (a) proprietary, and (b) may contain automatically executed code (eg document macros).


I am reachable over XMPP. My XMPP address is the same as my email account:

I can use OTR, OMEMO, and GPG encryption over XMPP. Fingerprints on demand.