I’m dkr, a Linguistics student and Free Culture/Free Software advocate from Cyprus.

I’m particularly interested in how language is implemented in the brain, its relation to cognition, and how language varies (or doesn’t) across modalities.

I’m a staunch supporter of preserving and enriching knowledge commons, and I believe that freedom-respecting software is an indispensable component of this struggle.

Short updates, opinions, and a glimpse into my interests occasionally show up on my blog. Long-form articles, presentations and other substantial work is posted under Work.

Recent updates

  1. First release for my Cypriot Greek keyboard
  2. Τα /ɾiˈaʝːa/, /ɾiˈaʎːa/? Aspects of Yeísmo in Cyprus
  3. The homepage is no longer a placeholder!
  4. more updates...